Artisan Eats Bakery & Cafe

A modern bakery & cafe with all of the coziness (think fireplace and couches!) that one would expect from Bowen Island. Enjoy a stunning view while nibbling on freshly made breads & viennoisserie, sipping a latté made from locally roasted beans, lunching on savoury sandwiches, quiches, soups & salads, brunching on 'huevos rancheros' and eggs benedict, or simply enjoying chatting with the locals on on of our large communal tables.

Cocoa West Chocolatier

Organic chocolates, ice cream & coffee

Clothing & shops

Artisiani Milanesi-Cashmere Tailors


Wren Boutique

ARTIGIANI MILANESI was established in Milan, Italy in 1959 by the Bizzari family. The family of cashmere knitwear artisans  have created a fine Italian style of 'proprietary, bespoke & tailored' cashmere knitwear for over 55 years. The Bizzaris take intense personal pride in their stylish Italian designs and the extraordinarily high quality of their cashmere garments.


Wren is a contemporary fashion boutique with a focus on modern sustainable Canadian designs. Seeking to provide classically effortless and wearable fashions that reflect upon one's lifestyle, Wren has developed a loyal fan base of local residents and visitors. Owner Erin Norgan stocks the boutique with contemporary, timeless and uncomplicated women's wear and accessories.

Movement Global Yoga Wear

Bamboo yoga wear




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